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RRB NTPC answer keys 28 Dec 2020 1st 2nd Shift

Name of post:  RRB NTPC answer keys 28 Dec 2020 1st 2nd Shift

Short info:    RRB NTPC answer keys 28 Dec 2020 1st 2nd Shift RRB NTPC CEN 01/2019 Question Paper, Answer Key Get all RRB NTPC answer keys here

RRB NTPC CEN 01/2019

Question Paper, Answer Key

Get all RRB NTPC answer keys here.

Exam Date: 28 Dec 2020

Exam Shift: 1st, 2nd Shift



Questions and Answers


Qs.1​: Which is the longest river of South India?

Ans : ​Godavari


Qs.2​: Who is the Chief Minister of present-day Bihar state?

Ans : ​Nitish Kumar


Qs.3​: Who administers the oath of the office to the president?

Ans : ​Chief Justice of India


Qs.4​: What was the name of the son of Gautam Buddha?

Ans : ​Rahula


Qs.5​: This country is known as the largest producer of sugar in the world?

Ans : ​Brazil


Qs.6​: If the pass percentage is 30% but a student got 20% and he is failing by 72

marks then what are the full marks in the exam?


Qs.7​: Name the author of ‘History of Plantarum’

Ans : ​Theophrastus


Qs.8​: What is the pH range of Castic Soda which makes hard soap?

Ans : ​Nearby 14


Qs.9​: What is the study of the heart called?

Ans : ​Cardiology


Qs.10​: What is the pH value of Lemon?

Ans : ​4-5


Qs.11​: What type of tissue is found in blood?

Ans : ​Connective Tissue


Qs.12​: Where does fertilization occur?

Ans : ​Fallopian Tube


Qs.13​: What is the unit of measurement for the amount of substance?

Ans : ​Mole


Qs.14​: What is the SI unit of Electric Current?

Ans : ​Ampere


Qs.15​: What is the unit of Distance?

Ans : ​Metre


Qs.16​: What will be the color of the stars if the temperature is too high?

Ans : ​Blue


Qs.17​: What kind of wave is sound?

Ans : ​Mechanical Longitude wave


Qs.18​: Which has more elasticity: Rubber or Steel?

Ans : ​Steel


Qs.19​: What is the full form of pH?

Ans : ​potential of hydrogen’ or power of hydrogen


Qs.20​: What is the freezing point of water?

Ans : ​273.2K


Qs.21​: Eighth Schedule to the Constitution consists of how many languages?

Ans : ​22


Qs.22​: What is Arthroplasty used for?

Ans : ​Joint replacement


Qs.23​: Which is an example of Ball & Socket joint?

Ans : ​Shoulder joint or Hip Joint


Qs.24​: Who founded Hydrogen gas?

Ans : ​Henry Cavendish


Qs.25​: Who is the father of Taxonomy?

Ans : ​Carolus Linnaeus


Qs.26​: If the mass on earth is 10kg. What will be the mass on the moon?

Ans : ​10kg


Qs.27​: Two resistances of 1ohm and 2ohm are in parallel, then what will be the


Ans : ​2/3


Qs.28​: Write 699 in Roman numerals.



Qs.29​: a:b:c = 2:3:4, a+b+c = 120 Find the value of b.

Ans : ​40


Qs.30​: CP= 15000, SP = 2000. Find P%.

Ans : ​5/4


Qs.31​: There are 70 boys and 50 girls in a group. Out of which 50% of boys went for

the part and 40% of girls went for the part. Then how many people went for the


Ans : ​110/12


Qs.32​: Find rate (r) when P = 2400, SI = 640 and time is 4 year.

Ans : ​25/4


Qs.33​: If in a rectangle, the length is increased by 10% and the breadth is decreased

by 10%. What will be the percent change in the area of the rectangle?

Ans : ​1%


Qs.34​: CP = MP x 75% and discount (D) = 15%. Find profit percent.

Ans : ​2/15


Qs.35​: A quadratic equation x​2


-2x+1 = 0 has two roots α and β. Write down the


equation which roots α​2β​2



Ans : ​x​2

-2x+1 = 0


Qs.36​: Two circles are given : R1 = 6 and R2 = 3. Find the value of common tangent.


Qs.37​: A cylinder of height 14 cm and CSA = 528 is given. Find the volume of the



Qs.38​: When is Women’s Day celebrated?

Ans : ​March 8


Qs.39​: Who is the DRDO head?

Ans : ​Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy


Qs.40​: When is Earth Day?

Ans : ​22 April


Qs.41​: Which city will host the Commonwealth Youth Games?

Ans : ​UK


Qs.42​: How many total Ramsar Sites are there?

Ans : ​42 Sites


Qs.43​: If the efficiency of B is 20% less than A. A can complete a task in 12 days,

then find the number of days by which B can complete the task?

Ans : ​15 days


Qs.44​: cos2θ = sinθ. Find the value of θ.

Ans : ​30

Qs.45​: The number has increased by 40%. After increasing, it is then again

decreased by 40%. Find the overall percentage increase/decrease.

Ans : ​16% decreased by the original number

Qs.46​: The principal value of 38000 is divided into two parts. In the 1st year, the

rate is 75 and time is 5 yr, whereas, in the other part, the rate is 10% with time 6

year. Find the money borrowed at the interest rate of 10%.


Ans : ​14000

Qs.47​: Where is Bharatpur located?

Ans : ​Rajasthan

Qs.48​: When was Swaraj Party formed?

Ans : ​1 January 1923

Qs.49​: Who was India’s 2nd Prime Minister?

Ans : ​Gulzari Lal Nanda

Qs.50​: What is the name of the outer membrane in the Brain?

Ans : ​Dura mater

Qs.51​: Rickets are caused by the deficiency of which vitamin in children?

Ans : ​Vitamin D

Qs.52​: Who is the CEO of Nokia?

Ans : ​Pekka Lundmark

Qs.53​: Who is the present CM of Gujarat?

Ans : ​Vijay Rupani

Qs.54​: What is D​2O?

Ans : ​It is deuterium oxide and is used as a coolant

Qs.55​: Where is BARC located?

Ans : ​Trombay, Mumbai

Qs.56​: What is cosmology?

Ans : ​Study of outer space

Qs.57​: Who is the CEO of Paytm?

Ans : ​Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Qs.58​: Where did the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre happen?

Ans : ​Amritsar, Punjab


Qs.59​: Who discovered the Nucleus?

Ans : ​Robert Brown

Qs.60​: p​2+q​2+r​2


= 0 Find the value of P​6+q​6


/ p​2q​2r​2


Ans : ​-3

Qs.61​: Where did the G20 summit 2020 was held?

Ans : ​Saudi Arabia

Qs.62​: Headquarter of UNICEF, UNDP, UNO located at?

Ans : ​New York

Qs.63​: Which country’s currency is Yen?

Ans : ​Japan

Qs.64​: What is the salary of the Vice President?

Ans : ​4 lakhs

Qs.65​: Which city is best known for producing saffron?

Ans : ​Jammu & Kashmir

Qs.66​: Where is Shivanasamudra Falls?

Ans : ​Karnataka

Qs.67​: What is the pH of blood?

Ans : ​7.2-7.4

Qs.68​: Name the First Indian to get Nobel prize in economics?

Ans : ​Amartya Sen

Qs.69​: What is the color of the Fertilizer revolution?

Ans : ​Pink

Qs.70​: What is the chemical formula of Hard Water?

Ans : ​H2O

Qs.71​: Who calculated the National Income of India for the first time?


Ans : ​Dadabhai Naoroji

Qs.72​: When was the battle of Plassey fought?

Ans : ​23 June 1757

Qs.73​: Who was the founder of the Slave Dynasty?

Ans : ​Quṭb al-Dīn Aibak

Qs.74​: Which layer of the Sun is visible to us?

Ans : ​Photosphere

Qs.75​: Where is the tallest Buddha Statue located?

Ans : ​Henan, China

Qs.76​: Where did the Moplah Revolt occurred?

Ans : ​Malabar

Qs.77​: Karl Landsteiner got a prize for?

Ans : ​His discovery of human blood groups

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